Drone thermal inspection allows you to see and better understand heat distribution throughout a building, worksite or even an outside space, such as a field. Such thermal imaging has been around for a while, but improvements in drone technology and photography make it even more useful to business and homeowners. Thermal imaging can help you identify faults, leaks and insulation performance and issues. With professionals able to undertake jobs such as drone church spires inspection flights, you can ensure that old, listed and important buildings are in a good state of repair. As well as saving you money, it can help you to work in a more environmentally friendly way and even help preserve wildlife.

Understanding Heat Loss With A Drone Thermal Roof Inspection

Preventing or reducing heat loss from a building is essential. The more heat that escapes, the more energy it takes to heat the building and prevent damp. This is an issue for both homeowners and businesses that want to keep energy bills to a minimum. Heat escaping from your building also increases your carbon footprint; this is not good news if you are marketing your business as environmentally friendly. Heat loss from a building can occur for many reasons, including faulty insulation, lack of insulation, structural issues, missing roof tiles, and leaks. Finding any of these issues early and dealing with them effectively is the easiest way to prevent heat loss and reduce both your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Many of the issues can be difficult, if not impossible, to see from ground level and the naked eye is not able to see heat escaping. Drone photography enables you to get a bird’s eye view of your building so you can get a better picture and immediately identify obvious issues. When this view is combined with drone thermal roof inspection, you can see exactly the areas that are causing concern and pick up on the less obvious causes. Making a thermal inspection with drone photography allows you to see a more detailed picture as well as an overview of the whole building, which might not be possible with a handheld thermal imaging camera. It also prevents you from needing to climb, either into loft spaces or onto rooftops, to identify the problem area. This makes drone thermal inspection photography a much safer option as well.

How A Thermal Drone Can Improve Electricity Distribution

Heat loss is not the only thing that can be detected using a thermal drone. Such equipment can also be used to survey electrical distribution. Overloading and high resistance electrical connections are easily detected using thermal imaging. Identifying these issues as soon as possible can help avoid costly and potentially dangerous situations. Traditionally, such surveys have been undertaken with helicopters; however, there are restrictions on where these can be used and even where they can, it is a very expensive undertaking. Thermal inspection with drone equipment is much cheaper and a drone is more likely to be able to access a wider range of areas. However, before undertaking such a survey, it is important to ensure that you have a drone operator who understands what they are doing, both in terms of operating the drone and undertaking electrical distribution surveys. Drones need to be handled with care and precision to ensure that they do not become a risk to aviation; do not cause damage to buildings, aerials or dishes; and do not disturb the local wildlife, including nesting birds. It is also important to ensure that the operator is insured and has the necessary approvals and qualifications. If you are unsure of the experience and qualifications of the operators you have approached, then look for membership of the Drone Safety Register and ARPAS UK. This will give an indication of the professionalism of the operator.

Improve Security And Safety With Drone Thermal Inspections

There is a wide range of things that give off heat signatures, including live bodies. Thermal imaging has been used for a long while to help emergency services locate individuals during emergency situations and natural disasters. The same principle can be applied on a small scale to help you keep your premises safe and secure. Drone thermal inspections can be used to help identify areas around your premises where people can gain access and remain hidden from view. You may have blind spots on your security system that aren’t clear until you sweep the area with a thermal imaging drone. Undertaking such a sweep can help you to identify and remove these risks, setting your cameras up to better cover the areas that are presently uncovered. Similarly, drone thermal inspection can be used to identify infestations in buildings; nesting sites that need to remain undisturbed; and other animal activity. If you have a rat or mouse problem, you could spend months and thousands of pounds searching for their entry points, nesting sites and other hiding areas. A thermal drone camera can identify these much easier, more quickly, and at a fraction of the price. This means you can deal with an infestation before it gets out of hand and becomes a health hazard. Similarly, within the agricultural sector, the last thing you want to do is put local wildlife at risk during harvesting. Undertaking a thermal drone scan of your fields with a company like Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography can help identify any animal presence, meaning they can be safely removed and relocated before the machinery moves in.

Get High-Quality Drone Thermal Inspection With Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography

There are numerous reasons why a drone thermal inspection could be beneficial to you as a business or homeowner. However, you only receive the full benefits of such inspections if you use a competent drone operator. The best way to ensure this is to use a company that is highly-regarded and only employs the best, licensed operators. That is exactly what you get with our team at Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography. Our operators all carry public liability insurance and hold an RPAS qualification. To learn more about why we are the best choice for thermal inspections, visit our website at https://www.risingview.co.uk or give our Dundee head office a call on 01382 609015. Alternatively, if you are in Aberdeen call 01224 061795, for Glasgow call 0141 2120833, or if you are based in Edinburgh call 0131 3570365.

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Not only are the inspections faster, safer and can provide photographs of hard to reach locations they are also far cheaper than traditional methods such as cherry pickers and scaffolding.

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