Are your pilots qualified?

Yes we hold a CAA recognised qualification RPQ-S. We also have our permissions granted for aerial work by the CAA.

Are you insured?

Yes we have insurance for our machines and cameras and £5 million public liability insurance for flight operations in the UK.

Where can I use a drone?

There are a huge range of applications where a drone can save time and money. We are able to fly anywhere in the UK, subject to risk assessment.

Why should I use a drone?

For many tasks, an unmanned aerial system is the most cost effective, efficient and safe option. We can achieve the same, and often better, results to that of a manned aircraft at a fraction of the cost. In many cases, a drone is the most appropriate solution to your aerial data gathering needs.

How safe is it?

Using a drone is often the safest option for a great number of tasks. Wherever it is dangerous or difficult to send personnel, it is far better to send the unmanned equivalent. Most notably, working at height, especially with equipment or tools, can be a risky undertaking, so using our system avoids this danger completely.

Can you see what the camera sees?

Of course! We have a live down-link of the imaging payload that is viewable by the pilot in command of the drone. This enables us to position the camera in the perfect position to capture the data you require.

How far can you fly?

We are currently operating under a standard CAA permission for aerial work which means we can fly up to 500m from the pilot horizontally and 400 feet (120m) vertically. It is possible to get exemptions to fly further and higher but it may incur extra cost and can take up to 3 weeks to organise. Generally the limits are more than sufficient for the majority of projects.

What are your flight times?

Flight times vary depending on the copter and camera payload but are typically around 15-25 minutes per battery set. These times may seem short, but with good planning, a lot can be achieved and we carry plenty of batteries.

Can you fly in bad weather?

For safety reasons we do not fly in wind speeds exceeding of 20km/h. Anything above 18km/h will start to affect the smoothness of the shot. Light snow is OK but we are unfortunately unable fly in rain.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes! As long as there is enough room then we can easily fly indoors. We are not subject to the rules and regulations placed upon us by the C.A.A. however a discussion needs to be had regarding insurance.

How close to people or buildings can you fly?

During take off and landing we have to be at least 30 meters clear of any person of vessel who is not under our direct control. During flight this distance increases to 50 meters.
However if we are on a shoot where everyone is under our direct control, we would brief everyone beforehand, then we are able fly as close as you want! (depending on the pilot and subject being comfortable of course)

Can you edit the media afterwords?

Yes. We can offer all sorts of post production editing, from basic to tv grade professional. Please contact us for more details.

How quickly can you get the footage?

We will happily provide any express service that you wish, be it next day or overnight editing.

How much does it cost?

Each project is different and presents its own unique set of requirements, so we assess every job on a case by case basis. Check the PRICES page for a ballpark figure or call

Will you give me a discount?

Yes !! Naturally, like any operator, we like to be paid to provide a professional service using only highly trained and experienced crews and equipment.  That said we’re more than happy to talk about mutually beneficial packages.

Not got your answer?  Contact us and we will be happy to assist with any of your queries.

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You’ve probably heard or read a lot in the press about unlicensed, unapproved drone operators that work without insurance or due care and attention; employing one of these companies is dangerous and potentially illegal. All UK pilots must have a BNUC-S or RPQ-S qualification, CAA Permission for Aerial Work and Public Liability insurance. Protect yourself and ask the operator if you are unsure, any approved operator should be happy to show you his ID, and approvals. We are.

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