Our drones can reach difficult areas with ease, and our solution is quick, safe and very cost effective.What was one a difficult and expensive task to accomplish can now be achieved much more cost-effectively using our remotely piloted aerial drone systems. Building inspections of roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc., no longer need expensive cherry-pickers, scaffolding.

We can give you a series of high-resolution images and high definition 4K video of most hard to reach structures. You can even monitor the footage being gathered on our remote ground station screens in real-time to make sure you’re getting exactly the images you need. And there’s no longer the need for anyone to leave the ground so the project is obviously much safer.

You can trust us to provide a high level of service.  Rising View won Dundees Scottish Business Awards BEST PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER and are also finalists in the Grand Final of Scotlands Business Awards.

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Imagine the scene. There’s been a big storm and your property has extensive damage to the roof. It’s now your job to get the matter dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. In doing this you will ensure you’ll minimise the costs that can arise with this sort of claim.

When you have a damaged roof you need emergency drone inspection photography with a fast turnaround and a reliable service. Here at Rising View we have extensive experience in all types of aerial photography. We deal with roof surveys, drains, gutters and solar panels and much more.

Please read our BLOG about “Inspecting Storm Damage with Drone Photography” for more information.

We inspect residential homes, commercial premises and churches. In fact, all buildings at height that are vulnerable to damage during bad weather. We provide an emergency response survey which covers the whole of Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee where we have offices but we can also travel anywhere in the UK.

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Safety First

One of the most important reasons for using drone photography at height is safety. Traditionally an individual or team would have to climb up to a damaged roof and take photographs or videos manually. This meant delays if it was too windy to make the climb or the risk of an individual falling.

Drone photography eliminates this risk. It is a safe method of inspection at height which can be carried out fast and without too much delay. We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and we are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness which acts in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury across Great Britain’s workplaces.

According to them, (in their guide of Working at Height) roof work is high in risk and states one of the most common causes of serious workplace injury to be falling through roofs. This can occur on roofs of factories, warehouses, farm buildings and such when repair work of the roof is being carried out.

Please read our BLOG about “Overcoming Dangers of Working at a Height” for more information.




High Quality

Drone aerial surveys are ideal for inspection of roofs or chimneys. We use UAV mounted cameras which will give you a high-resolution video or photographs. The data and imagery are captured with a range of high quality sensors and this gives accurate detail that is hard to match using traditional photography or video.  We can also get to hard to reach areas and very difficult angles that would not be possible by using cherry pickers or scaffolding.

Please read our BLOG about “Inspecting Your Chimney Stacks” for more information.


We carry out an inspection using 4k high resolution video and still photography. Firstly, images are captured of the whole roof. Next, we zoom in to take close-ups top down in a grid. After that, each side of the roof is photographed or videoed at a 45-degree angle. Finally, we take photographs or videos of any other points of interest, such as windows, chimneys or guttering.

Our drone pilots are all licenced and insured plus have (PFCO) Permission for Commercial Operation from the (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority.  They will always be dressed in uniform and have identification available and all their paperwork to view at your request.  Additionally we also carry a full kit of PPE equipment if your site has this requirement.

Please read our BLOG about “Behind the Scenes of a Drone Photography Shoot and the Importance of Safety Measures” for more information.




Other Uses for Drone Photography

An aerial drone inspection can also be provided for other means. For example, using drone photography for things which can’t easily be seen with the naked eye. Thermal imaging allows you to see areas of excessive heat loss and also allows surveys of solar panels. Detecting vegetation growth is another area. 3D modelling of commercial buildings will provide health and safety guidance, works scheduling and planned maintenance.

Please read our BLOG about “Inspecting Your Solar Panels with Drone Photography” for more information.

Fast and Efficient

Roof inspections using drone photography can be carried out by appointment or as an emergency drone service. Our emergency service means we can get to your location quickly and we can edit and deliver the photographs and/or videos to you on location. You can even watch the inspection from our van in real-time.

Not only are the inspections faster, safer and can provide photographs of hard to reach locations they are also far cheaper than traditional methods such as cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Please read our BLOG about “When Using a Drone Can Save You Money” for more information.




How much does drone inspection and survey cost?

How much does drone aerial photography and video inspection cost? – Think it’ll cost a fortune? Well out of your budget?  Think again.


£ 199


Typically a normal standard sized house roof.

Aerial photographs of
• Whole roof top down
• Close up in a grid of each area of roof
• Close up at an angle of each area of roof
• All 4 sides of any points of interest including chimneys, windows and other points of interest.

• All Photography will be edited and then uploaded to a secure link to download.

• Price includes all pre-planning and notifications to surrounding properties.



£ 349


Typically a larger than standard roof for example a flat or more complex roof.

Aerial photographs of
• Whole roof top down
• Close up in a grid of each area of roof
• Close up at an angle of each area of roof
• All 4 sides of any points of interest including chimneys, windows and other points of interest.

• All Photography will be edited and then uploaded to a secure link to download.

• Price includes all pre-planning and notifications to surrounding properties.


£ 699


Typically a very large or complex roof or in a difficult to fly congested location.

Aerial photographs of
• Whole roof top down
• Close up in a grid of each area of roof
• Close up at an angle of each area of roof
• All 4 sides of any points of interest including chimneys, windows and other points of interest.

• All Photography will be edited and then uploaded to a secure link to download.

• Price includes all pre-planning and notifications to surrounding properties.


  • Additional Staff Members from £49
  • 3D Model of roof £CALL
  • Thermal heat loss inspection £CALL

Aerial Filming and Photography

Simply the best and most cost-effective high-definition aerial video and photography services you will find.


Full editing and film production

Need professional editing or production of your imagery and video? We can either supply a slick finish to your production or simply supply you with the unedited footage for you to use as you wish.


Stunning cinematic results

We take seriously stunning video that will allow you to really captivate, and engage your audience.


We follow the highest standards

We are fully licensed and insured, we operate fully to the CAA guidelines in addition to our own strict code of conduct and professional standards.


Real time ground image feed

Need to see what our camera sees? We can transmit live footage in high-definition to the ground for instant streaming, viewing and approval.


Let’s work together

We are the photography and video company that is constantly pushing the boundaries on what this technology can do for clients. Let us show you what we can do for you.


Our services

Need video or photography? There are so many ways in which we can help you.

We take on a huge breath of creative projects for clients – such as music videos, industrial work, corporate videos and even weddings!

Our services are more cost effective than traditional aerial photography and video techniques – once we are at the location we can get the imagery you need quickly and easily.

We not only help clients get the high-level shots they require, but we capture superb low-level images too – perfect if you don’t want to disturb sets, wildlife, people or the environment.

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You’ve probably heard or read a lot in the press about unlicensed, unapproved drone operators that work without insurance or due care and attention; employing one of these companies is dangerous and potentially illegal. All UK pilots must have a BNUC-S or RPQ-S qualification, CAA Permission for Aerial Work and Public Liability insurance. Protect yourself and ask the operator if you are unsure, any approved operator should be happy to show you his ID, and approvals. We are.

Some of our clients

We have completed projects for a huge range of different and high profile clients.  Our aim is to always work professionally and collaboratively with them to ensure that we achieve the client’s specification to a high quality, on time and safely.  Just take a look at what our clients say about us!


  • Blackadders Solicitors

    I have used Rising View many times for drone shoots and have always found them to be very reliable and professional. First class service.

    Martin Paterson
    Director of Property Services
  • Balhousie Care Group

    Balhousie Care Group needed some creative videos for our website to showcase the refurbishment of new homes, Rising View used their creative talent to produce some great videos using aerial drone footage and 360 virtual tours. Their drone work is fantastic and we would highly recommend them to any other business.

    Tony Banks
  • Jon Frullani Architect Ltd

    First class service, very professional and great variety of uses.

    Jon Frullani
  • Forbes of Kingennie

    Rising View have done an exceptional job in creating a video of the resort. They were very professional and they accomplished everything we asked for, even when we were asking them to add in elements that they had never added before. We would definitely recommend using them.

    Libby Forbes
  • mtc.

    Dale is one in a million! You will not find someone with a more friendly ‘can do’ approach to business. Delivers astonishingly good value for money and a professional product to be proud of. Top class.

    Euan Johnstone
    Creative Director
  • Dundee United Football Club

    Rising view delivered exactly what they promised. It was provided with professionalism and all aspects were explained clearly before and during the process. Customer aftercare was prompt and I was left reassured that we were working with experts in this field.

    Joe Rice
    Press Officer
  • Baillies Estate Agent

    We were delighted with the speed of service, professionalism and attention to detail in our dealings with Rising View and will be using them again soon.

    Joe Dolan
    Property Manager
  • Abertay University

    We’ve been delighted to use aerials taken by RisingView. The work was carried out with professionalism and safety in mind at all times. The results are fantastic and would recommend for others who are looking for aerial footage.

    Lisa Trainer
    Video Producer
  • Brechin High School

    We asked Rising view to complete some drone work at our New Community Campus, which is three months away from completion. The work done was fantastic and is now on public display. From the drone images everyone can get an idea of how the site is looking. Work was done quickly and to an excellent standard we are very pleased with the result. Would highly recommend.

    Mr A. Mills
    Depute Head Teacher
  • Galloway Group LTD

    We are delighted with the services provided by Rising View. The video looks fantastic and is an excellent marketing tool receiving some great comments and feedback. Dale is a pleasure to work with and has met all our requests to the highest standard. We would definitely recommend Rising View to other companies looking for aerial footage.

    Nicola Di Marco
    Marketing/Business Development
  • St. Johnstone Football Club

    We were delighted with the unique video footage Rising View were able to record for us of McDiarmid Park. We’ve used what they recorded in our promotional videos and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services.

    Ross Cunningham
    Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Dundee Football Club

    Everyone is very happy with the footage I saw some yesterday myself and it looks amazing. I can say with much confidence that I am pretty sure that we will want to use the drone again.

    Steve Martin
    Commercial Director