Drone wind turbines inspection is a much safer and easier way of ensuring that wind turbines are compliant with safety regulations and are running at maximum efficiency. Wind turbines are an important part of the country’s approach to finding and running alternative energy sources. Along with solar, hydroelectricity and other non-carbon approaches, wind helps to remove our reliance on fossil fuels. Drone thermal inspection of wind turbines, combined with traditional photography carried out by drones, can support the work of engineers and ensure repairs and maintenance are carried out quickly and efficiently.

What Does A Wind Turbine Drone Inspection Look For?

A wind turbine is one of the simplest alternative energy sources available. It operates on the straightforward principle of the wind turning propeller-like blades around a rotor. The rotor is connected to a shaft that spins the generator, which in turn creates electricity. While simple in design and construction, wind turbines pose several concerns, including noise, unsightliness and the risks associated with damage or breakage to any part of the turbine. While wind turbine drone inspection cannot do anything about the look of the turbine, it can help address concerns over safety; and in some cases be used to reduce noise pollution associated with the turbine. Drone wind turbines inspection can be used to look for damage or loose parts that could be increasing the noise output of the turbine. By finding and addressing these issues, noise is reduced and the turbine is made safer. Drone inspection can also be used to look for weather damage and decay. This is very important where the turbines are in the ocean or are on the coastline. Wind turbines are often in these locations because of the increased wind strength and the greater likelihood of windy conditions. However, the turbines then have to deal with higher salt concentrations, wetter weather conditions and other potential debris that is maybe less of an issue further inland. Where a thermal camera is used as part of drone inspection of wind turbines, issues that are not obvious to the naked eye can also be identified.

Is Wind Turbine Drone Inspection Cost Worth It?

As stated previously, wind turbines are large structures with fast-moving propeller-like blades. They are not necessarily structures that you want to get close to, especially at the working end, unless you really must. One of the benefits of a drone for wind turbine inspection is that it provides operators with a safer working environment. There is no need to be close to the propellers to look for damage or to be stood on the shaft enclosure to determine whether it is running too hot. From this standpoint alone, wind turbine drone inspection cost is definitely worth it. However, the benefits go further than this. Being able to inspect the wind turbines from above and at close quarters means that problems can be found earlier and solved much more quickly. This means less downtime, thus saving you money in the longer term. Integrating thermal imaging into your drone inspection means that you do not have to wait for internal failures to occur before you know there is a technical or mechanical problem. Changes in heat signatures and electrical distribution can be used to highlight potential problems. Cost and time-effective repairs can then be made. Drones are able to provide high-quality footage of the wind turbines and access positions and angles that may otherwise be impossible. This means a better view of the turbine and its general state of repair. Drones can also be used to create dynamic surveys of the area around the wind turbines. This is a great way to see potential impacts before, for example, increasing the size of a wind turbine farm.

How Do You Ensure You Have The Best Drone For Wind Turbine Inspection?

Ensuring you have the best drone for wind turbine inspection starts with finding the right company to work with and making your needs clear. The best drone photography companies will want to take the time to understand your needs. This should include the reason for the drone photography, the location, the date they are needed, the number of drones needed, and whether you need thermal imaging. If you are hiring drone for the first time, you may be unsure of your needs. This is why it is important to approach an experienced company that can help you through the process. It is also important to use a company that has experience in the type of drone photography that you need. Taking aerial pictures of an event, such as a wedding, requires very different skills to drone wind turbines inspection, and involves a host of different safety considerations. As well as understanding the task at hand, you need a company that understands the rules and regulations around flying drones. Ideally, they should be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority; this gives you complete peace of mind about their professionalism. Other aspects to check include their flying hours, professional memberships and associations, and their qualifications. One company that you can rely on to not only meet these requirements but to exceed them is Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography.

Develop A Good Drone Wind Turbines Inspection Protocol With Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography

At Rising View Aerial Drone Video & Photography, we understand how important regular inspections of your wind turbines are. We also understand that it can be difficult to know who to hire from the plethora of drone operatives that are available. That is why we outline our unique skills, experience and training on our website. It is also why we take the time to speak to each potential client and to treat each job individually and with the care and attention to detail it requires. Explore our galleries to see some of our previous work at https://www.risingview.co.uk. Alternatively, give us a call at our head office in Dundee on 01382 609015 to discuss your specific drone wind turbines inspection needs. If you are in Aberdeen call 01224 061795, for Glasgow call 0141 2120833, or if you are based in Edinburgh call 0131 3570365.

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Not only are the inspections faster, safer and can provide photographs of hard to reach locations they are also far cheaper than traditional methods such as cherry pickers and scaffolding.

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