Drones: Overcoming Dangers of Working at a Height

It is of the utmost importance that tools and technology be used for such scenarios whereby your company’s workers can be safe from such hazardous incidents whilst being able to carry out their work effectively, why not use drones for inspections and surveys of Roof, Chimney, Guttering & Solar Panels.

4 Considerations When Shooting A Destination Wedding

Drone footage for weddings is a very appealing idea these days, and in fact a trendy one. There appear to be more and more stories or examples of excellent wedding photos and videos captured via drones, which can get in and out of the action without really disrupting proceedings. Furthermore, as a pilot (and even more so if you’re a friend of the happy couple’s), it’s a great honor to be trusted with this kind of occasion.

Still, shooting a wedding ceremony and/or reception via drone isn’t always straightforward. And particularly if the couple is hosting a destination wedding, there are things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Get Your Business on the News with a Drone Video Production

Whatever product or service you provide, you’ll know the importance of getting the word out to prospective customers. You could send out leaflets, but there’s a chance they will end up in the bin. You could advertise in your local paper, but then you’re only targeting a small number of people.
So, how do you get the word out about your business successfully to as many people as you can? The answer is social media.

Gaining the Advantage with a Commercial Drone Video

An excellent way to attract buyers or leaseholders is to highlight the advantages of your commercial property with Drone Video and Photography. Whether you want to market a warehouse, retail establishment, hotel or office premises, we can help you.
Here at Rising View we offer a comprehensive commercial photography package combining drone photography with traditional video camera work to create a marketing video that will engage and attract customers.

The Dangers of Illegal Drone Operators

Today drones are used all around the world for a variety of purposes and by many different people. But not everyone has the requisite knowledge, skills, and attention to detail, to safely fly even a small drone, let alone the bigger ones used by professionals like photographers. This is why owners of drones that weigh 250 grams and above are now required by UK law to register details of their aircraft.

The Benefits of Time-Lapse Video on a Construction Project

When you watch a time-lapse video, it can take seconds or minutes to show you an event that took place over hours, days, weeks, months or years.
Here at Rising View we make time-lapse videos by setting up a camera or cameras with certain exposure settings and a timer to manage shooting intervals. This then documents the events which have taken place over the course of a set period.

The Many Benefits of Using Drone Photography to Market your Golf Course

With so many courses competition for players is fierce and golf course owners and managers need to be on their toes to keep loyal players and attract new ones. Golf Club membership varies from club to club, but it’s a sport that requires a substantial investment. This means that players expect a course that’s well managed and maintained and also has good facilities for relaxation after a game.

Behind the Scenes of a Drone Photography Shoot and the Importance of Safety Measures

Here at Rising View professionalism and safety are two of the most important aspects of our drone photography service. This is why we are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority and we hold a RPAS qualification.

Sometimes we get enquiries from people who say they just want a few photo’s that will won’t take long and they seem genuinely surprised when we tell them that any photo shoot we carry out is done to certain rules and regulations which take time to achieve.

Inspecting Storm Damage with Drone Photography

It’s unfortunate but the British weather is often cold and windy and during the winter months storms can cause damage to roof tops, church spires and solar panels. Inspecting damage at height can be done quickly and efficiently using drone photography. It means that a repair can be put in hand as fast as possible.

Inspecting Your Solar Panels with Drone Photography

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can have cameras attached to them. This means you can have images taken from a height for inspections for maintenance or damage. They are especially useful if you have damage to your solar panels which are usually placed at height on your roof.