Client: Pirate Boats Ltd

Task: Provide a short aerial drone video and onboard boat video to showcase the amazing boat tours on the River Tay which leave from Broughty Ferry and go along the river to see the Port, City Quay, Tay Road Bridge, V&A Museum of Design Dundee, RSS Discovery and the Pile lighthouse in Tayport. Along the way you also have a great chance of capturing some dolphins.

Job ID: RV00092

Date: 24th May 2017

Drone Pilot: Dale Summerton

Creative direction: Dale Summerton

Pirate Boats Ltd are private and commercial boat charter based on the River Tay estuary.  You can design your own River Tay experience or join them for the River Tay tour which departs from Broughty Ferry pier beside the castle.  You will then be taken along the River towards Dundee where you pass Dundee port (Forth Ports), City Quay and then past the Tay Road bridge where you will see the V&A Museum of design and the RSS Discover ship.  The tour will then head over to the Fife side of the Tay and pass Tayport and the Pile lighthouse.  You may also be greeted by lots of friendly dolphins along the tour so make sure to take your camera.

The objective of the job was to provide an aerial drone video following the boat tour along the River Tay and also some onboard footage to show the happy customers.

This was then to be edited and used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in to thank everyone who took part and also raise awareness for next years event.

Drone photography can really help to capture the spirit of your promotion. Viewing from above gives the video a fresh perspective and allows angles that aren’t possible using traditional photography.

Drone video will delight your customers and get them talking about your service to friends, family and on social media which helps to spread the word FAST.

If you would like to more about the benefits of drone photography for promotional material, have a look at our portfolio and see just what we’ve achieved for past clients.

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We provide premium aerial media solutions, offering you a combination of stunning HD aerial filming and breath-taking aerial photography for a variety of different projects throughout the UK.

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Aerial Filming and Photography

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Full editing and film production

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Stunning cinematic results

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We follow the highest standards

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Real time ground image feed

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Let’s work together

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